From Couch to Goal Getter

You’re sitting on the couch or maybe in the car waiting in the school pickup line. Perhaps you’re laying in a hammock on a private island. Something somewhere hits you, triggering a need to look or feel healthier. Maybe you’re at the gym already and someone jumps atop a huge box with ease as you look on in awe.  At least three goal ideas just popped into your head. So what happens now?

Here we are now, wanting to look and feel healthier. This means something different for just about everyone so what does it mean for you? This new you needs a place to put the work in so you start Googling local gyms.  Think about what has and hasn’t worked in the past when picking out your new fitness spot! Take some tours if you want to! Once you make it to your new gym ready to begin this new venture, what’s next?

We need a goal to work for, so let’s make it a S.M.A.R.T. one! What is a S.M.A.R.T. goal and why is this an important step? This is an acronym that stands for a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound goal. All of these points are important building block to use and reuse when creating a new goal for just about anything. Do you have a goal that popped in your head earlier? Let’s try to fit it into these parameters and go from there. Remember that time-bound should be rather attainable for our first goal!

Look at that! You’ve got a fresh new goal to work towards, but what comes after that? Find a way to dedicate the time necessary for this goal. A step that is often as overlooked as stretching before and after exercise. Are you a person that needs to physically carve out the time for this? Try writing down or even putting it in that smartphone calendar of yours where and when you will be setting aside time for this. Enjoyment is a huge piece to your success, so try finding a way to incorporate enjoyable things into your journey.

Now we sit back and put in the time and work. Is this the best part of getting from point A to point B in your venture? Not always and not for everyone. Understand also, that there may be roadblocks and setbacks. These are temporary and quite common. Fear is a legitimate and common roadblock. Not everyone finds the gym or the journey to be fun. This is all perfectly normal and something you can press through! Do not be afraid to ask for help during these times. Trainers, coaches, friends, and even relatives can help you through. Ready for extra help? Just ask! Extra guidance can help you to reset or dial in on that goal.

Maybe huge box jumps and CrossFit don’t fit into your goal. What IS one of your goals? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but just haven’t tried? Make a S.M.A.R.T. goal and write it down. Put in the work, dedication and time that you deserve! If you need or want help just ask. Find YOUR version of joy in working towards your goal.

By Katie Bywater
Personal Trainer

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