The Benefits of Group Exercise

The music is pumping, the mirrors are fogged up, hooting and hollering can be heard and everyone is smiling (and dripping) as they come out of the group fitness room.

What is it about group fitness that makes it so popular?

Well…the BENEFITS of course!

Group Fitness may not be as intimidating as wandering around the weight machines and cardio equipment wondering how and what to do.  There is always an instructor present to lead you through the workout, encourage you and keep you safe.  And you are never alone!  There will always be a familiar face waiting to see YOUR familiar face.

Taking a group fitness class challenges you to work past your perceived limitations.  The instructor will watch you for signs of fatigue, but will help you push past your limits safely. You are also likely to work out a little harder when you have your friend next to you because nobody lets their bestie get the best of them, am I right?  You know!

  1. The Secret Sauce:  ACCOUNTABILITY!
    In a group fitness class, you form bonds and create a community.  When the instructor or other participants notice you are gone, they ask about you!  They are genuinely concerned for your wellbeing and don’t want you to miss out on the fun OR reaching your goals!  Because let’s be honest…we need each other and class is NOT the same without you!!

    So this is your invitation.  Follow the crowd to the group exercise room, introduce yourself to the instructor, grab a spot and get ready to not only burn some calories and build some muscle, but to become a part of a wonderful community and group friendship!!


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