Attitude is Everything

Life in our modern society is incredible. Are you hungry? Hop in the car and drive to the window of the nearest fast food establishment and they’ll serve you a hot meal to go. Do you need directions? Pull them up on your smart phone. Better yet, ask Siri. Actually, ask Siri any question you’d ever want to know, and skip the trip to the library. Skip any errand, for that matter, and have your needs delivered via Amazon. Our lives are overwhelmed by ease. But what happens when we want health? What happens when we need to exercise? Is there a button that makes it more comfortable to swap sugar for veggies? If only health could be dropped off on our doorstep in a carboard box sealed with blue tape.

Alas, we must do the difficult thing. The thing that makes us sometimes scrunch up our face as we force our tired bodies to the gym. You know, the one that makes us frustrated as we deny pastries from that glorious pink box Larry decided to put in the break room. Come on Larry- it’s day-one of my cleanse. Yea we’ll do the difficult thing but we often do it with a bad attitude. We punish ourselves with diets and overindulge when we’ve suffered long enough. We beat our bodies up at the gym, and then quit when the motivation wears off.

Feelings come and go, enthusiasm is temporary, but our attitude is what forms the outcome of our lives. Dale Carnegie put it this way, “It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” This means that our attitude is actually the thing that must change if we want any physical change to happen. So, if you believe that the gym is a place to punish yourself, you probably won’t stick with it. But if you believe that the gym is a positive place to rejuvenate and grow yourself, you’ll probably go more often.

What healthy change are you struggling to make today? Whatever it is, I’m with you. Donuts tempt me often and I’m not always in the mood to exercise. But also know this: you are more capable of accomplishing your goals than you know. Stop the criticism and start naming the things you like about you. Start with a positive approach; ignite the desire to invest in yourself.

Attitude can make good change more permanent. It may not always be easy, but making an active choice to view yourself, exercise, and healthy foods as desirable, might just be the change that will change your life. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn to enjoy the difficult thing.


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