GIVE Fitness Celebrates 3 Years

GIVE Fitness just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary with a FREE Open House style party with appetizers, drinks, magic and photobooth fun! As we welcomed members, guests, family, friends and community partners, we handed everyone a small stone with the words “Thank You” written on it. Curiosity ran wild as people wanted to know what the stones were for or what they meant. The GIVE Fitness team officially welcomed and thanked everyone for sharing in one of the gym’s favorite nights of the year: a chance to celebrate together, appreciate staff and members, and to really highlight the mission and vision of GIVING.

In 2016, at the 2nd Anniversary party, there was mention of GIVE Fitness forming its own Foundation and shifting the type of giving that we wanted to be involved in. We introduced the Garcia family and were able to help them out of homelessness into permanent housing. At that time, we contributed $5,000 toward our “Foundation” even though it was not actually formed or operational yet. Throughout the year, we still operated as though we had a Foundation and gave toward a wide variety of causes:

  • A Scholarship at Atascadero High School
  • GoFundMe Pages: a community member’s house burned down, and a member had a tragic motorcycle accident
  • Helped provide and hand deliver roughly 1,000 Christmas gifts to underprivileged children in the jungle of Costa Rica
  • Sponsored a local veteran to go through and complete the Mighty Oaks Warrior Program
  • Sponsored Lifewater International’s Annual BBQ fundraiser
  • We made contributions to local women battling Breast Cancer as part of our October Campaign
  • Pound for Pound competitions with food donations totaling 1325 pounds
  • Local academic and athletic sponsorships
  • We were introduced to another local family in crisis, homeless & sleeping in their car during the very cold winter months. We were able to get them out of that situation and assist in finding them permanent housing.

We shared that these are the types of things that GIVE loves to be a part of and support. And really: These are things that YOU are a part of, because it’s all of YOU that truly make the giving possible.

The GIVE Fitness Foundation is formed and operational – we officially have a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The intention of the Foundation is not just to be a pillar in the community, but more than that: a RESOURCE to our community: THE WELL. The Foundation logo was revealed to include a well, made from stones. We gave everyone a STONE that says “Thank You” because each person in attendance was and is a stone in the foundation of our business. Members, staff, friends, family, vendors, community members, ALL of you are individual stones that make us who we are – the foundation of our business.

A Well is a place that people go to when they are thirsty to have that need met. We want the people of our community to know that they can come to our “well”, The GIVE Fitness Foundation, to have their needs met. It’s for the hungry, the thirsty, the sick and tired, those that need clothes or shelter, or love. Another reason we chose THE WELL as the logo for our Foundation: To build a well, it takes many individual stones to create a solid, permanent fixture and the stones we provided are a representation of that as well.

The stones are a Thank You for being a part of the foundation of our business that provides the foundation for our new Foundation!

The GIVE Fitness Foundation is 100% financially sustained by GIVE Fitness. The Foundation will not have any paid positions or officers; it will not have any expenses. 100% of the money put into the Foundation will be used to meet the needs of our community. Anyone interested in getting involved with the Foundation or financially contributing should contact

GIVE Fitness made another $5,000 contribution to the GIVE Fitness Foundation in order to jumpstart this year’s giving efforts. Also through the Foundation, we will continue to support and partner with local non-profits. To begin 2017, we launched our Challenges for Charities program that was driven through social media and hashtags: #GIVEc4c. We offered 10 Challenges, each attached to 10 different Charities. $1 was raised by each participant that completed the Challenge and posted a photo/video with the unique hashtag. We invited all 10 non-profit organizations that participated in the campaign to set up information tables at the party so that attendees could learn more about their services or how to get involved. We had over 100 people participate in the program overall, with 25 people completing all 10 challenges to receive an EXCLUSIVE Challenges for Charities t-shirt! Additionally, those 25 people were entered to win 2 Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets and Charise Holcolm (our longest standing member) was the winner!

Each Charity/Non-Profit Organization was presented with a donation of $1,000 from the Give Fitness Foundation:

  • El Camino Homeless Organization (E.C.H.O.)
  • Jack’s Helping Hand
  • Lifewater International
  • Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs
  • RISE
  • Family Care Network
  • Lighthouse
  • The Link
  • Parents For Joy
  • Atascadero Printery Foundation

Donations for the evening totaled $15,000 and it was a great night of celebration!

We have the “Thank You” stones available at our Front Desk and would like to encourage all of our members to take one! We are grateful for each and every person that helps provide the foundation to our business… that provides the foundation to our Foundation! Together, we can make a difference in our community: You Get Fit, We GIVE Back.

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