Breast Cancer SUCCESS

These are the final days of October and Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month is coming to an end. So far, we have had over 150 new members sign up this month with 50% of their card fee being donated back to breast cancer research. Additionally, we have sold 25 of our exclusive BCA t-shirts – again, with 50% being donated back. Which means at this point, we have raised over $1,000 and there is still time to be a part of this great effort! As tomorrow approaches, it is easy to get wrapped up with all of the Halloween excitement and maybe even overwhelmed with the upcoming holidays. We want to ask you to stay in the moment and help us see this PINK campaign all the way to the end. To assist us in doing that, we have an extra special story to share. The women we have previously celebrated have enjoyed many years of being cancer free, we now want to introduce you to someone who is just beginning her journey.

At 53 years old, Pam has not been a stranger when it comes to mammograms. Many years ago, it was actually a routine mammogram that revealed her condition of fibrocystic cists, also loosely described as “lumpy breasts.” Pam was accustomed to being told that she would need to be checked further, so she was not too concerned when the radiologist told her that there was a spot. Pam responded, “No, it’s fine. I just need to get a sonogram.” But when the radiologist said, “No, that’s not what we are dealing with, this needs to be looked at right now…” things began to change for Pam. The radiologist went on to say that she was likely dealing with cancer. With absolutely no family history of cancer, the news hit Pam and her family pretty hard. It was shocking and scary for her husband as well as her adult children. She had been running her own bookkeeping business and Pam decided that it was good timing to end her business and focus on herself.

It was just over three months ago that Pam underwent two surgeries and ended up having an apple-sized tumor removed. She was and is grateful to have escaped chemotherapy, but she has begun radiation. The good news though is that Pam has been cancer free for one month and says, “It feels really good!” Additionally, she has found comfort and a means of release by becoming a member of GIVE Fitness. “I started using exercise as part of my recovery from surgery, I had a training session with Cory and it was great!” Pam went on to say that her mental and physical states continue improving, as she knows that she is getting back in shape. “I was not in motion and I know that a body in motion stays in motion…if I can beat cancer, I know I can beat this fat!” Pam started by walking slowly on the treadmill here and there, but now she is in the gym early in the morning Monday through Friday.

Her family is relieved and very proud of Pam’s victory over cancer. Personally, Pam is excited to remain in the fight by participating in cancer walks and/or support groups. She embraces the idea that her story may help others become more aware and could ultimately save lives. Her message to other women is: “Get your mammograms! No matter your age, no matter your health history…if you are a woman, GO!” We are so grateful to have Pam as a GIVE Fitness member and we are honored to share her story! As we close out Breast Cancer Awareness month, let’s remind ourselves that there are so many stories out there like Pam or our other incredible survivors. We also recognize that some have lost their battle. Cancer is an ugly disease that we all must continue to fight against. Thank you to those of you that have participated in our GO PINK campaign in any capacity – together, we all make a difference!

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